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Internet of Things


IOT Development

We are here to help your business : we have the potential to leverage the technology you already have and solve your specific business needs by offering you ways to connect, automate, and collaborate.
Our IoT solutions employ the philosophy of “open sensors to open cloud platform through open communication protocol”, allowing connectivity, flexibility and scalability of the system without hardware and software limitations.

LABS and Tech Systems

Smart Security


Our Smart Systems enables us to remotely monitor and control parts of the home and configure time schedules for smart checks and surveillance. Devices and Systems are installed to provide 24 hour security checks. Very cost effective indeed.

Tech LAB


Our Research LAB provides tools and technologies that is meant to leverage the power of our member's capacity to think and to solve problems. We guide our members to research and come up with best solutions that could be turned into viable businesses. Our focus is on the basic to high-performance digital computing systems.